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When it comes to owning a KTM Duke Bike, one of the most important responsibilities is to maintain it and keep it serviced regularly to ensure that it’s in a new condition and has a fresh look. If you are looking for Ktm Bike servicing near your location, S 360 BIKERS, located in Wakad,Pune, is the best option. Not only is it necessary to keep it serviced regularly, but also make sure to look upon some maintenance factors regularly to keep your bike in top condition.

Looking for maintenance factors means you have to check up on the drive chain, brake pads, engine oil and all parts which keep your bike well maintained. When seeking reliable ktm duke bike services, the S 360 BIKERS bike servicing never lets you down. 

Drive Chain: Drive chain’s main purpose is to transfer the power from your bike’s engine to its rear wheel. Ensure to keep the drive chain lubricated after each ride when it is still warm. Furthermore, make sure that it has the right amount of tension as it will increase the lifespan of your KTM bike.

Oil Changes: Ensure to change the oil of your bike at least once a year as per the recommendation of the manufacturer, which you will find in the manual given to you while purchasing the bike. Your bike will need changes frequently if it has traveled a lot of miles. In essence, the more the more miles your bike covers, the more often it will be required to change the bike’s oil.

Tires: Make sure to check the tires of the bike regularly for any sign of wear and tear, which can be caused due to regular usage as well as air pressure. If it has the correct air pressure, it will increase the lifespan of your bike’s tires and will be able to handle the road better and will have a better grip.


  1. Before every ride, make sure you test your bike’s brake.
  2. Don’t go on a ride with a risk of malfunctioning brakes.
  3. Ensure to check the level of brake fluid.

Make sure that you replace it every one or two years to remain in better working order. Lastly, check the brake pads and don’t forget to replace them if they are too worn down, i.e., when they reach the metal.

Air Filter: Your responsibility is to keep the air filter cleaned and regularly compressed with air to avoid any harm. If your bike’s air filter is dirty, it will put more pressure on your bike’s engine. If the engine gets too dirty, don’t forget to replace it too.

Fuel: Keep the fuel filter of your bike unlogged and clean. Also, must check fuel lines to ensure if there’s any damage. If you see any sign of cracking in the fuel lines, then immediately replace them.

Battery: Make sure your bike battery is charged 100%, even if it is not in use. This will prolong the lifespan of the bike’s battery. Make sure that the battery’s top is cleaned and electrolyte level is maintained. If the electrolyte level is low, then add the distilled water.

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KTM Duke Servicing Cost

The estimated amount for servicing every year is around 54000-60000 for the time of 3.5 years. Its first servicing should be done after travelling for 1000 km and 45 days. Second service after 8500 km and 150 days, third servicing should be done after 16000 km and 240 days. Apart from that, it should be serviced every three months after travelling for 7500 km.

KTM Duke Servicing Center Near Wakad

No one wants their bike to be handed to the service center, which is too far away and will have less experienced staff. If you search for ktm service center near you, then there will be no better option than S 360 BIKERS. 

It is one of the prominent KTM DUKE service centers in the hometown located at Wakad, Pune, which provides the best services and has well-experienced staff. Along with these, they also make printing, polishing and patchwork, which give your bike a well-furnished look.

KTM Duke Engine Repair in Pune

If your bike engine has travelled more and is severely worn out, replacing the cylinder, the head, and the valve’s components is needed. It will cost you a lot. Ensure to let your bike’s engine repair regularly so that you don’t have to pay a high price to replace new parts.

KTM Duke 200 and 390cc Engine Repair Procedure

  • Remove the front spoiler.
  • Stand the bike on its side-stand at a horizontal surface.
  • Place a container under the engine.
  • Using an O-ring, remove the oil drain plug.
  • With the O-ring, remove the oil screen.
  • With the oil screen, remove the screw plug.
  • Drain the engine oil.
  • Clean the oil drain plugs and the oil screen.
  • Place the oil screen and place and tighten the oil drain plug using the O-ring.
  • Remove the screws.
  • Remove oil filter cover using the O-ring.
  • Pull the oil filter out.
  • Drain the engine oil.
  • Clean the sealing area and all parts.

KTM Duke 200 and 390cc Engine Repair Cost

Engine repairing costs depend upon the replacing of new parts or if it’s good with previous ones. If you use all the OEM parts that include a new crank, new valves, and a freshly honed cylinder, it will cost around 10,000 rupees to 13,000 rupees. If some parts are used without replacing, then it may reduce some cost. However, at S 360 BIKERS, you do not have to worry about repair cost, as it provides you the best service at affordable rates



1. What is the regular servicing cost of KTM Duke 200 and 390cc?

The regular servicing cost of KTM Duke 200 and 390cc is estimated as 54000-60000 for 3.5 years.

2. What engine oil is used in KTM Duke 200cc and 390cc bikes?

In KTM Duke 200 and 390 models, Motul 15W 50 Engine oil is used.

3. What is the cost of an engine oil change for KTM Duke 200cc and 390cc bikes?

The cost of the Motul 15W 50 Engine oil is around 750 rupees.

4. What is the cost of the front panel of the KTM Duke 200cc and 390cc models?

The estimated cost of the front panel of the KTM Duke 200cc and 390cc model is 1,000 rupees.

5. What is the cost of the side panel of KTM Duke 200cc and 390cc models?

The side panel of KTM Duke 200cc and 390cc models range from 700 rupees to 900


6. What is the cost of full panel change of the KTM 200cc and 390cc models?

The cost of full panel change of KTM 200cc and 390cc models is around 1,700 rupees to 2,000 rupees.

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