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Bikes are a long-term investment. But, like any other thing, when bikes begin to age, they do not provide the optimum fuel efficiency like in the first few years after buying. If you are looking for Kawasaki Ninja bike servicing near your location, S 360 BIKERS, located in Wakad,Pune, is the best option. The parts begin to slow down and affect the speed of your bike. This mostly happens with riding bikes and exposed like wear and tear if not maintained from the very beginning. If you service your bike regularly, as per the recommendation of your service provider. S 360 BIKERS is one the best servicing centers for Kawasaki bikes in Pune, gives you some servicing tips to keep your bike well maintained.

Engine Oil: Check the engine oil of your bike as well as engine. If engine oil is good, then your bike will enable smooth operation. Ensure that engine levels are properly maintained and check that there is no leakage. If it’s leaked, then it will affect the engine performance. The carbon present in engine oil will make it thicken and affect the bike engine. If you are driving your bike with dirty engine oil, it will increase fuel consumption and drastically reduce the engine’s life. Make sure to change the engine oil every 5000km or in 3 months.

Tyre Pressure: The tires and the engines are the two parts of a bike that endures the most wear and tear. So it’s important to check the tyres of your two-wheeler regularly. Examine the air pressure of tyres. It should be maintained on levels that the bike manufacturer recommends. Look for scrapes or cuts, unpredictable blowouts and the possibilities of punctures. Ensure to check tyres at least once a week.

Check Engine: The engine is the heart of a bike, ensuring that the heart of your bike is well maintained. If it’s regularly serviced and maintained, the bike will run smoothly and increase fuel efficiency. Get your bike’s engine service done after every 7500 km or 10,000 km.

Carburetor and Spark Plug: Inspect the carburetor float chamber and clean after every 1500 Kilometers distance traveled. Ensure to check and clean the spark plug of the Kawasaki Ninja bike. It is important to replace the spark plug as it is linked to engine combustion. Clean the spark plugs after every 750 Kilometers travel.

Clutch: Adjust the clutch as needed; you can change the gears by adjusting the clutch. It helps in increasing or decreasing the speed of the bike. Ensure it’s not over tightened as it will increase the consumption of fuel and will cause your bike to slip. So, make sure that the clutch is always adjusted in the right place.

Brakes:  Like the clutch and engine, brakes are another part that endures maximum wear and tear. Check that brakes are properly spaced and hold the tyre well. It should neither be too tightened nor too loose. Adjust them as per personal requirements and your riding style. If it starts producing screeching sounds, then there’s a lack of oil.

After traveling for 10.000 km, change the oil and air filters after two years to keep your bike properly maintained. Slack the chain and clutch for Freeplay. Change the fluid of brakes after two years.

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Kawasaki Ninja Servicing Cost

Owning a Kawasaki Ninja 300 cc isn’t cheap. However, there’s no free service available for any Kawasaki bike model and every service will cost an average of 5,200 rupees. Don’t worry, Bookmech has got covered since we offer you affordable servicing for Kawasaki ninja bike as well. 

Kawasaki Ninja Servicing Center near You

If you think it’s time for your bike to get serviced, you must be thinking about the best service center near you. And when searched on Google, the map will show you the location of Wakad, Pune, because it has the best service center named S 360 BIKERS, one of the most prominent centers around me.

S 360 BIKERS is an open- policy that specializes in servicing two-wheelers. The young and well-experienced staff provides the best services and gives your bikes a well-furnished look.

Kawasaki Ninja Engine Repair

If there’s damage to the heart of the bike, it will be expensive to get it serviced. Sometimes, water ingression happens because flooding leads to damage in parts when repairing your bike engine becomes a must. Make sure you are getting the engine service on time to avoid high-paying charges.

Kawasaki Ninja Engine Repair Procedure

  • The first step is to osbtonsecire your engine for easy removal of the engine.
  • Secondly, disconnect the battery of your bike and drain all the fluids.
  • Now, remove the muffler, head pipes and fuel tank.
  • Remove the carburetors and the airbox.
  • After removing the carburetor, remove the drive chain, drive belt and drive shaft depending on the model of your bike.
  • Wrap the frame rails where the engine is likely to come in contact.
  • Remove the external engine for disassembling the engine easily.
  • Now, remove the clutch, gear change lever, ignition plate, along with all associated engine components.
  • Now, disconnect the electrical connections and oil lines.
  • Loose all the plates and engine mounting bolts.
  • After repairing, reassemble the parts in an organized way.

Kawasaki Ninja Engine Repair Cost

If you take too long to repair your bike’s engine, then it might increase the cost of your bike. The average cost of repairing a bike’s engine is around 2000 – 3000 for a complete rebuild. Ensure it is done regularly and with a fixed period to avoid these high-paying charges.


1. What is the regular servicing cost of Kawasaki Ninja?

The regular servicing cost for Kawasaki Ninja is 5,000 rupees.

2. What engine oil is used in a Kawasaki Ninja 300 bike?

SAE 10W-40 Engine Oil is used in Kawasaki Ninja 300 bikes.

3. What is the cost of an engine oil change for the Kawasaki Ninja 300 model?

The cost of an engine oil change for the Kawasaki Ninja 300 engine oil change is 1,695 rupees.

4. What is the cost of the front panel of the Kawasaki Engine 300 model?

The cost of the front panel of the Kawasaki Engine 300 model is around 1200 rupees.

5. What is the cost of the side panel of the Kawasaki Engine 300 model?

The estimated cost of the side panels of the Kawasaki Engine 300 model ranges from 1200 rupees to 2300 rupees, depending upon the model.

6. What is the cost of changing the full-body panel?

The estimated cost for changing the full-body panel will be 2400 to 3000.

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