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Like personal hygiene, your bike maintenance is a vital step to ensure that your two-wheeler is always in brand new condition. Neglecting the well-being of your bike will result in bad performance of your bike with uncomfortable rides. If you are looking for Honda unicorn servicing near your location in Wakad or Hinjewadi, S 360 BIKERS, located in Wakad,Pune, is the best option. In addition, there will be frequent breakdowns that leave adverse effects on your two-wheeler’s roadworthiness. To avoid these, keep your bike maintained by regular bike servicing. If it has a basic maintenance schedule, it will perform reliably and give you a comfortable ride. 

Get your bike serviced by considering the below points and maintain it regularly. S 360 BIKERS is considered as the most reliable company to offer you the best honda unicorn service mentioned below:

  • Air filter: In bikes, there’s either a paper-type air or the foam-type air filter element; you can tap it to remove the dust. While if it’s a foam element, then wash it in a solvent, dry and do it re-oiled. If air filters are very dirty, then you have to replace them with a new one.
  • Spark Plugs: If it’s too much time on your bike, then spark plugs will show the gap between the electrodes and show the signs of wear. Ensure to measure the spark plugs gaps with a feeler gauge and adjust its gap by bending only the side electrode. In addition, there might be built-up deposits on the firing ends due to the combustion process. If the plugs are badly corroded and are dirty, then renew the plugs. 
  • Oil and filter change: To make your engine live longer, the engine oil will be needed to change regularly. Remove the drain plug from the sump and later drain oil into the drain tray. Check that the washer or drug plug is in good condition and then refit it. Unscrew the old filter and replace it with a new one, if necessary.
  • Chain: With use, the chain will stretch up, so you should take up the excess slack along with chain adjusters. Measure the amount of slack in the drive chain; if it needs to be adjusted, then slack with a rear axle nut. To adjust the chain tension, use the adjusters on the end of the swingarm and adjust one by one with the same amount. 
  • Clutch: To ensure smooth gear changes and prevent slip or drag, you have to make the correct adjustment of the clutch. Some clutches are cable operated, and hence they will have a threaded locknut and an adjuster at each end to set the Freeplay. 
  • Oiling lever, cables and pivot: Cables, lever, and pivot must be oiled regularly for smooth operation because they are exposed to the elements. Apply a few drops of aerosol lubricant or light oil at the end of cables, brake pedal, gear change lever pivots, stand pivots and the handlebar lever pivots. 
  • Brake Pads: Brake pad friction of your bike will eventually wear down to a low level. So, you’ll have to renew the brake pads. First, check the calliper from the mouth of the calliper. Most of the pads wear indicator grooves, a line for indicating the limit of wear. If you can’t see the pad material clearly, then it’s time to remove the pads from the calliper to check it. 
  • Engine Speed: Ensure that engine idles are at the correct speed when they are warmed up. There will be an idle speed adjuster knob at the side of carburettors to check the engine tick over speed.
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Honda Unicorn Servicing Cost in Pune

Depending on the time you bought the bike, or the distance travelled, costs vary from different ranges. Some services are provided for free cost while for some; you have to lay the charges. After travelling for 1000 km, the service is free of cost. Similarly, after 3000 km and 12000 km, the second and third servicing is also free of cost. If a bike is travelled for 12000 km (12 months), then servicing cost will be 775 rupees. After 16000 km (16 months), the sixth service cost will be 1,120 rupees. S 360 BIKERS servicing centre is one of the most budget-friendly centres that provide bike services at very affordable costs. 

Honda Unicorn Servicing Center Near You in Hinjewadi

If you are thinking of getting your bike serviced and seeking for servicing centre near you, S 360 BIKERS will come as the first choice as it’s the most prominent service centre located at Wakad, Pune. Moreover, they provide the best bike services by replacing and using the original parts. Hence, your bike servicing will be done as quickly as possible.

Honda Unicorn Engine Repair

When your bike rides are at the top level, then its engine needs to be repaired now. When there’s ignition, fueling, adjustment decompression, worn valves, and seats, ensure getting your engine repaired quickly to get a comfortable ride. Then, follow the procedure to get your engine repaired. 

Honda Unicorn Engine Repair Procedure 

  • Keep a set of oil level indicators and engine oil. Drain nut and bolt set, a clutch and a throat cable before starting repairs. 
  • Change the engine oil if it’s travelled 2500-3000 km. If you’re planning to replace the engine, then replace it after 8000 km.
  • Clean air filter. If it’s a paper filter, then dip it in gear oil and then clean it. If it’s making a sponge type of material, then soak in soap water, make it dry and then assemble it.
  • Tighten the chain and get it lubricated from the mechanic shop. 
  • For cleaning the grit on the engine case and the silencer, use the mixture at 1:1 of diesel/petrol or kerosene. 
  • Moist the chrome and wipe the engine casing. 
  • After that, wipe the chain casing and silencer with a dry cloth. 

Honda Unicorn Engine Repair Cost Near You

The engine repairing your bikes depends on the model and parts it needs to be serviced. If it’s a long time since you have gotten it serviced, it may take a high charge because replacing the older parts with the newer and original ones might be required. However, the S 360 BIKERS service centre near Wakad, Pune, costs very affordable prices to get the engine repaired. 


1. What is the regular servicing cost of a Honda Unicorn?

The regular servicing estimated cost of a Honda Unicorn 150 for 750 rupees. Cost changes depending on the time of servicing and model of bike. 

If your bike is going for the first, second and third service, then there will be no additional servicing cost; it will be free of cost. While, from the fourth service, you will have to pay the charge. 

2. What engine oil is used in a Honda Unicorn bike?

The company recommends using the Motul 3000 4T Plus 20W – 40 API SM HC Tech Engine Oil for Honda CB Unicorn 160. It is recommended to use 1.2 litres.

3. What is the cost of an engine oil change for the Honda Unicorn 160 model?

The cost of Motul 3000 4T Plus 20W – API SM HC Tech Engine Oil is 731 rupees. 

4. What is the cost of the side panel of the Honda Unicorn 160 model?

The cost of the side panel of the Honda Unicorn 160 model is 1153 rupees. With the addition of a 28% GST charge, the final cost will be 1475 rupees.

5. What is the cost of the front panel of a Honda Unicorn?

The cost of the front panel of a Honda Unicorn is around 1500 rupees.

6. What is the cost of a full-body panel change for a Honda Unicorn?

The cost of a full-body panel change for Honda Unicorn is around 4000 rupees. The side panel costs 1475 rupees (with 28% GST), and the tail panel costs 2266 rupees (with an additional 28% GST charge).

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