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Honda Shine Sevicing in Wakad

Most bike riders have a special bond with their bike. Therefore, it becomes a priority for them to keep the bike the right way and a safe ride experience. If you want a comfortable ride, regular servicing of your bike will go a long way to assure the bike’s good health and safety. If you are looking for Honda Shine servicing nearby your location, S 360 BIKERS, located in Wakad,Pune, is the best option.

For servicing a Honda Shine bike, you have to look upon the tyre pressure, brake pads, chain, clutch, and other bike parts. However, the S 360 BIKERS hold the great specializing in delivering best bike servicing at affordable price.

arly, it will keep your Shine’s heart and soul lubricated and the motor smooth-operating.

Tyre Pressure: If your bike has low tyre pressure, it will work harder and burn more fuel. For your bike’s longevity, keep its tyre pressure well maintained. Keep its PSI a few more than the recommended amount for better mileage.

Brake Pads: Having issues in brake pads will lead to the danger of poor stopping power. Dirty or damaged brake pads can cause permanent damage to your bike’s routers. Get the service well maintained to avoid any adverse effects.

Chain: If the bike is working harder, it will drive a loose chain to reduce the bike mileage. A loose chain can damage the other parts of the bike along with the casing. Ensure that your bike’s chain is tightly placed but not over tightened.

Clutch: If the clutch lever loosens, then shifting gears becomes the difficult part. Keep the clutch of your bike adjusted. Inspect the bike to ensure that the clutch is adjusted neither too loose nor too tight. If too tightened, it will burn up the clutch plates.

Battery: Honda Shine’s battery needs to be charged every few months because its myriad functions are powered at once. If your bike was left sitting for a long period, don’t take it out before charging its battery.

Engine Oil: If you change the engine oil regul

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Honda Shine Servicing Cost Nearby

The servicing cost depends on the period and distance traveled. Some services are free of cost, while you will have to pay the charge for others. For example, if you have a brand new bike and are getting service for the first time, you will get the service free. Similarly, with a second or third service that will also be included in the free service. 

While for the 4th service, if it’s traveled for 12000 km (12 months), the cost will be 718 rupees. For the 5th service, after 16000 km distance traveled (16 months), servicing cost will be 1,063 rupees. After 20000 km (20 months), the sixth service will be 718 rupees and the seventh service after 24000 km (24 months), the cost will be 883 rupees.

Honda Shine Servicing Center Near You

When you’re in search of the best service center near you, you will come across S 360 BIKERS. It is the best service center near me, i.e., in Wakad, Pune. The well-trained employees here specialize in servicing two-wheelers. Along with bike services, the workers here also offer polishing, painting and patchwork services to give your bike the best look.

Honda Shine Engine Repair Near You

Honda Shine Engine lasts for many years if it is properly maintained from the very beginning. But if it’s not, they will develop faults and create issues. So, it is essential to keep your bike maintained. However, if you take too long to repair, it might charge additional costs because long periodic service causes major damage.

S 360 BIKERS is an open-door policy, where we are committed to providing all the services without additional charges. As a result, you will get the best experience of your two-wheeler servicing.

Honda Shine Engine Repair Procedure in Pune

  • In the first step, clean your bike and keep it secure for draining the bike’s oil.
  • Remove the back brake pedals, header pipes, battery, muffler, airbox, carburetor, and gas tank.
  • After removing the clutch and mounting bolts, remove the engine.
  • After removing the engine and parts, keep the parts aside which can’t be reused.
  • Clean the parts by vapor blasting, ultrasonic cleaner, etc.
  • Inspect if there are some cracks. Check the situation of brushes and if there are problems, then drive them out and replace them.
  • After inspection, clean the parts again that not even a fine grit left out, else it can damage the engine faster.
  • After performing previous steps for engine repair, reassemble the parts.

Honda Shine Engine Repair Cost in Pune, Wakad

The estimated repair cost for the engine would cost around 10000 rupees for a complete repair. Therefore, if your bike’s engine needs to be repaired, replacing the parts with a new one will cost around 5000 rupees.


1. What is the regular servicing cost of honda shine?

The estimated cost of the regular servicing of Honda Shine for two years is 4,222 rupees. However, cost changes depending on the model or the time of service.

2. What engine oil is used in a Honda Shine bike?

HP Lubricant Racer 4 20W – 40 API Engine Oil is used for Honda CB Shine.

3. What is the cost of an engine oil change for the Honda Shine 125 model?

The cost of engine oil is 450 rupees. 

For the Honda 125 model, a minimum of 0.8 liters is required. The model 125CC engine has a capacity of 900 ml. You should change the engine oil after every 2000-3000 Kilometers, as suggested by the company.

4. What is the cost of the side panel of the Honda Shine 125 model?

 The price of the side panel of the Honda Shine 125 model is 949 rupees; with the addition of 28% GST, the total cost will be 1214 rupees.

5. What is the cost of the front panel of honda shine?

The cost of the front panel of honda shine costs around 1000 rupees.

6. What is the cost of a full-body panel change?

The cost of a full-body panel change is around 3000 rupees. Side panels cost 1214 rupees (with additional GST charges) and tail panels for 1472 rupees (with 28% GST charge).

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