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A well-maintained vehicle is well suited to performing at its best and ensuring that you can ride it without running into problems. Thus, if you want your vehicle to run smoothly and comfortably, you need to pay attention to it from time to time. If you are looking for Honda Activa scooty servicing nearby your location, S 360 BIKERS, located in Wakad,Pune, is the best option. Ensure to get your Activa serviced even after a specific period of use. Your first service should be performed between 500 and 750 km after you purchased your Activa, which is about a month after you bought it.

Servicing will follow every 2500-3000 kilometres. For safe and comfortable travel, you must check on the brakes, tire pressure, oil, filter, mileage, and battery. So if you seek a professional Honda Activa Service centre in Wakad or Hinjewadi Locality, S 360 BIKERS can meet your needs with professionalism. 

Honda Activa’s require the following types of services:

Filter and oil changes

Changing engine oil should be done regularly for optimal performance. Remove the drain plug from the engine and drain the old oil into a drain tray right after removing the drain plug. After the drain is clean and thoroughly drained, fit the drain plug back. Dispose of the old filter and install the new one. 

Drive chain

Continuous use of the drive chains will cause the chains to stretch. Slack in the chain is measured, and the chain tension is adjusted. First, the wheel alignment marks are noted, and then the rear axle nut is tightened.


Our vehicles’ brakes are the most important part of them, which is why we must handle them carefully and pay extra attention to them during service.

The brakes should be checked every 1000 kilometres. If the friction materials tire out, we should replace our brake pads. You can see if it’s time to renew them by looking at the caliper mouth. New brake pads usually have lines showing they need to be replaced. 

Air filter

Dusted and cleaned air filter elements are part of your bikes’ maintenance. However, if they become very worn, you can replace them.

Spark plugs

The spark should also be removed and replaced once they are exhausted. The gap between the electrodes in the spark plugs will go out of adjustment, and we can measure it using a feeler gauge. 


Having the clutch adjusted properly is important for effortless gear changes and for preventing clutch slippage.

Lubrication is necessary for scooter parts.

Regularly applying oil to the brake pedals and cables will keep the vehicle in excellent working condition.

S 360 BIKERS’s reputed services are provided at reasonable prices after following the detailed procedures.

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Honda Activa Servicing cost

Honda Activa owners are expected to pay a fair amount for servicing. This is to ensure that they have a smooth vehicle journey. Although a few simple repairs can be done for free, you’ll be charged for the rest. Servicing costs vary among active models as well. Honda Activa owners get their first few services free. The paid service will be priced at 763 rupees, the fifth at 1028 rupees, the sixth at 763 rupees, and the seventh at 1378 rupees. Honda Activa servicing costs approximately 5000 rupees. The average cost is nearly 4,822 rupees. One of the most budget-friendly Activa servicing is there in S 360 BIKERS, located in Wakad, Pune.

Activa Service Centre near me.

Searching on the Internet about the best ‘Service Centers near me‘ will bring up S 360 BIKERS. S 360 BIKERSis one of the best service centres near me and the most renowned in town. They specialize most in servicing two-wheelers. With young and well-trained employees, you can get Pick-Up by a two-wheeler to the doorsteps. They also offer patchwork, painting, and polishing services.

Honda Activa Engine repair in Wakad

While Honda Activa engines may last for many years, if not properly maintained, they can develop faults. Thus, it is essential to keep your two-wheeler well serviced. This is because maintaining a proper servicing schedule will help you avoid costly repairs to the engine. In addition, this is where periodic service can prevent major damage in the development phase, which may cost you much more in the future. 

However, most people don’t think they need it or believe it is an excuse to charge more. All service centres advise that you need to have your engine checked every 50k-60k kilometres. Driving and maintaining your vehicle properly will prevent frequent repairs.

At S 360 BIKERS, we have an open-door policy that means we are committed to providing all services without additional charges. We want you to have a hassle-free ownership experience of your two-wheeler and maintain it safely. For motorcycles and scooters, we have a standard 21-point service for Honda activa that you can customize to your tastes. 

Honda Activa Engine repair procedure

Honda Activa Scooters are usually fitted with engines that are located in the middle portion of the scooter to prevent tipping.

  • The first step is to remove the bolts.
  • The centre section of the vehicle is then raised above the engine to ensure a clear view. 
  • Thereafter, the engine is completely disassembled. 
  • The fittings attached to the engines are removed by loosening out the bolts. 
  • The accumulated dust is wiped off. Then, the engine block is removed. 
  • This is done by allowing the oil to drain into a drain tray. 
  • A cylindrical-shaped fitting is there in the centre after removing the top portion. 
  • It is taken outside by unbolting some screws. It is dusted and cleaned, and then the lower and bottom tempers are separated. 
  • A small motor-like substance called crank is present inside. 
  • After the repair, the parts are re-assembled.

Honda Activa Engine repair cost

You can expect to pay up to 10000 rupees for a complete engine repair on the Honda Activa. Replacing old parts with new ones and replacing the whole engine will cost you approximately 6000 rupees.


1. What is the regular servicing cost of a Honda Activa?

According to the Honda Activa service manual, the estimated maintenance costs for 2 years is Rs 4,822. You won’t be charged extra for the first few services, though. The costs either increase or decrease depending on what services you take. Maintenance is free after 1,000 kilometres, 4,000 kilometres, and 8000 kilometres (third service after 8,000 kilometres). Paid services usually cost between 1000 and 2000 rupees. However, prices can also vary depending on the model.

2. What is the cost of an engine oil change for the Honda Activa 5 G model?

You will have to shell out around 250 rupees for the engine oil on the Honda Activa 5G.

3. What is the cost of a side panel of the Honda activa 3 G model?

In the case of the 3G Honda Activa, a side panel will cost you around 1300-1400 rupees.

4. What is the cost of a front panel of Honda Activa?

There is an approximate cost of 2700 rupees for the front panel.

5. What is the cost of the front panel of Bajaj Pulsar?

The cost of the front panel of Bajaj Pulsar will be around 500 rupees.

5. What is the cost of a full-body panel change?

Change of 100% of the body panels will cost approximately 7000 rupees.

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