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Getting a new bike can be a cheerful time for customers. Most of us want our bikes to look brand new even after years which can only be possible with proper maintenance. Regular Bajaj Pulsar servicing gives your bike a longer vehicle life and significantly less operating cost. When it comes to Bajaj Pulsar servicing, nothing is better than S 360 BIKERS. We take pride in delivering high-quality bajaj pulsar service.

If you are looking for Bajaj Pulsar bike servicing in Wakad, S 360 BIKERS, located in Pune, is the best option. For your new Bajaj Pulsar bike, ensure its first service must be performed after 500 km and be followed after every 2000-3000 kilometers. You must check the battery, air filters, clutch, brake pads, and engine for servicing.

Bajaj Pulsar requires the following services:

Brake Pads:
Replace the brake pads regularly to maintain the correct spacing of your bike.
Ensure they are not fixed too tight or too loose for a crucial safety factor.
Replace them right away if they are screeching.

Check Tyres: Check the tyres regularly. Various types of bike tires are based on your style of riding. With time, whatever you choose will be a lot of wear and tear. So ensure to check the treads of tyres every time you get your bike serviced.

Clutch: The way choice of bike’s tyres can improve the performance of your bike, the same condition goes with clutch. Ensure to service it regularly, and it has the right amount of free play after being serviced.

Engine Oil: The engine oil can be considered as the blood of the bike. It has a tremendous cooling effect on the vehicle and keeps the engine well lubricated. Although, with time, the engine oil level can decrease, and impurities can make the oil dense and thick. This is bad for engine condition, resulting in knocking your pistons or, even worse, might seize. To avoid all these, check the engine oil after servicing, and if it’s servicing for a second or third time, get your oil changed if necessary.

Air Filter: Clean air filter is a vital part of your bike that needs to be cleaned regularly. If it has air and dust, then it will affect the intake of air on your bike. This will lead to poor combustion of fuel and result in severe engine damage.

Bike Chain: The sprockets of your Bajaj Pulsar need to be inspected and checked for damage regularly. If you want a bike well maintained, ensure that your bike chain has a free play of 2 to 4mm.

Engine Maintenance: Keeping your engine tuned regularly will reduce the running costs by giving better mileage. Keep the carburetor clean, and the gaps between the spark plugs are set up correctly. These small sets of detail will have a massive impact on the functioning of your vehicle.

Battery: The simplest component to take care of a bike is the bike’s battery. Make sure that the terminals are appropriately greased and tightly fixed. Above that, keep checking the level of distilled water in the battery within a couple of weeks.

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We at S 360 BIKERS provide these services at a reasonable cost.

Bajaj Pulsar Servicing Cost in Wakad, Pune

Servicing includes the maintenance charge, parts replacement, and service schedule at the nearest service center. S 360 BIKERS service center located in Wakad provides budget-friendly servicing, and owners get the first few services for free. After that, service costs vary differently.

The paid servicing charge for 3 years is 4,696. The third service, after 9500 km (12 months), costs Rs. 673. The fourth service after 14500 km (16 months) costs Rs. 872, the fifth service after 19500 km (20 months) costs Rs.783, the Sixth service after 25400 km (24 months) costs Rs.273 and the seventh service after 29,500 km (18 months) costs Rs.1,422.

These services will cost approximately 5000 rupees in 3 years and an average of 4,696 rupees.

Bajaj Pulsar Service Centre Near You

People usually search for a service center near me. In that case, you can not forget about S 360 BIKERS. However, S 360 BIKERS is one of the prominent bike service centers and the first choice of people living in Pune.

S 360 BIKERS offers the best services that people tend to return to them again, and further, it provides painting, patchwork, and polishing services. The young and well-trained employees specialize in servicing your two-wheelers well.

Bajaj Pulsar Engine Repair

People who ride and take part in racing their bikes need to be repaired sooner than those who don’t ride at such an advanced level. You need to determine from the time of purchase to the time of sale, keep track of all engine hours, maintenance and repair. Maintain a prepared schedule for engine repair so you won’t have to face major damage because major damage will result in paying a high charge for repairing. Ensure you drive at the required speed to keep your vehicle maintained to avoid frequent repairs.

Bajaj Pulsar Engine Repair Procedure

The repairing of Bajaj Pulsar Procedure includes:

  • The first step is to clean and secure your bike for easy engine removal.
  • Secondly, disconnect the battery and drain all the fluids.
  • Remove the muffler, fuel tank and header pipes.
  • Remove carburetors and airbox.
  • Remove the drive belt, drive chain (or drive shaft depending on bike)
  • Wrap the frame rails where the engine is most likely to come in contact with.
  • To ensure easier engine disassembly, remove the external engine cases.
  • To remove the clutch, stator, alternator, crankshaft drive gear, gear change lever, ignition plate, and all associated engine components, make sure to use the proper tools.
  • Disconnect the electrical connections and the oil lines.
  • Loosen all the engine mounting plates and bolts.
  • Place the engine on the table and complete repairing the bike engine.
  • After fixing, re-assemble the parts in an organized way.

Bajaj Pulsar Engine Repair Cost Near You in Pune

Depending on how your bike needs to be repaired, if its repair procedure is performed after so long, it may take high charges of 13-14k while some will charge 9-10k. If you want your bike engine repaired at a low cost with greater performance, then S 360 BIKERS is the best fit for you. It is a budget-friendly servicing center located in Pune, replacing the new parts or new engine at affordable prices.


1. What is the regular servicing cost of Bajaj Pulsar?

As per the Bajaj Pulsar manual, regular servicing cost starts from Rs.300 for the first service after travelling 500 km, 1 month and on the second service after travelling 3500 km, 8 months, servicing cost will be Rs.750. At the same time, the estimated average amount is 1250 rupees. Although, servicing costs change depending on the model.

2. What engine oil is used in Bajaj Pulsar bikes?

Castrol Power 10W-50 4T Engine oil is used for Bajaj Pulsar Bikes.

3. What is the cost of an engine oil change for the Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon model?

The cost of an engine oil change for the Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon model starts from 362 rupees.

4. What is the cost of the side panel of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 model?

The side panel set of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 model is 784 rupees (authorized dealer price), and the total cost with the addition of GST 28%, the final cost will be 1003 rupees.

5. What is the cost of the front panel of Bajaj Pulsar?

The cost of the front panel of Bajaj Pulsar will be around 500 rupees.

6. What is the cost of a full-body panel change?

The cost of a full-body panel change is around 12000 rupees.

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